24 April 2018


The ladies were back on form this month, one could even say they were on a roll! Horley Evening WI baking club took on the Swiss roll challenge and all in all it was a successful evening. They created a beautiful Swiss roll and chocolate roulade. To meet the challenge, one of our members had the whip hand of discipline and they were able produce results worthy of the front of a glossy food mag. 

By their own words the winning endorsement, was not the that they smelt and tasted divine, but the fact that the “Swiss roll turned out like the picture in the book!”.  Here we see a clear example of setting a goal, meeting such goal and recognising one’s achievements. A life lesson rolled up in a light sponge and a decadent cream filling. It seems only their wisdom is to be shared with us, as they dutifully ate the lot!

If we wish to know how they tasted, we are going to have to make one ourselves … head on over to our baking page for the recipe.