3 March 2019


Back in action the baking club were making pasties and raspberry friands in February. So, let’s start with the pasties, this was a real team effort in the kitchen and the ladies worked hard to get the beef and swede pasties looking the part. There did seem to be a lot of time waiting around for the magic to happen inside the oven, during this time there were copious amounts of tea drinking going on and I suspect a great deal of nattering. As they were very filling and the baking session finished late in the evening, they lined these lovelies up for the mid-week lunches – the drive home apparently filled the car with a “must be eaten” aroma … apparently the restraint was worth the wait when reheated. But what about pudding? I hear you ask … well fear not, the sweet tooth of the baking club produced some lovely raspberry friands … what’s friand? I also hear you ask, well let me put my Mary Berry hat on and explain … it’s a spongy cake thing with fruit on top. What? Is that the BBC food department wanting my baking expertise, you’re too kind!