21 May 2018


The ladies have been beavering away in the kitchen with an all-time favourite … carrot cake! Now who doesn’t like carrot cake? It’s moist, carroty and has a topping that makes you look at your cake guilt, consider it and then summarily dismiss it. 
Now our ladies are not ones to blow their own trumpet, but they are puckering up their lips on this one. They were very pleased with their effort this month and as we know one of the criteria for success is that it looked like the picture!

Now according to one of our budding bakers, as it is made with carrot, raisins, and orange, it constitutes 3 of your 5 a day. As we know the Women’s Institute are never usually wrong on these matters …though I think ladies we are reaching here!
So, all us poor readers can do is feast on the lovey picture of a cake we will never taste … well unless you make it yourself – head on over to our baking page for the recipe