16 October 2018


Autumn has arrived, the leaves are falling, the weather is uncertain, and our ladies are venturing into the kitchen for another exciting evening of baking. On the menu this month is a nutty shortbread and some petits Monts Blancs. Let us start with the shortbread, theses were made with Brazil nuts, which I personally feel are the more decadent nuts to be used for a rich biscuit, that is destined to be dunked into a cup of tea. On my list of things that I feel I ought to have had a go at in life, making shortbread is one of them, more as a nod to my distant Scottish roots if anything; and the combination of the decadent nut may set me off on the final leg of my biscuit journey. These Brazil nut shortbreads look like the perfect treat to include into a mini Christmas hamper or to take round to a neighbour in need of some biscuit heaven, a brew, and some company. For whatever your reason for making these, let’s face it, biscuits we all love but should never have more than one in a single sitting, have a go - apparently they are yummy.

Next comes the petits Monts Blancs, these are posh meringues that are supposed to resemble the snow-capped mountain peaks of Monts Blancs. Now apparently, que the baking club polishing their horns so that they could blow them, they worked perfectly. Despite their horn blowing and back slapping, they felt that the jury was out on the chestnut purée and found it a little bland. So, if anyone can enlighten our ladies how put the joie de vivre back into the purée please let us know. I did suggest that they, to all the French people out there, please cover you eyes and ears .. substitute the chestnut purée for some Nutella or similar spread. The response was that they were thinking raspberries and liquor! Hmm I see, if in doubt head for the drink cabinet – I think we are getting the measure of our ladies. What else is going on in baking club, I mean are they even having tea with their biscuits? When I commented on their predilection for rich foods, smothering weight watcher’s recipes in cheese and butter and alcohol being the saviour of all things bland – they said there were trying to be good! When one is trying, one still has not achieved! Our saintly baking group in all good conscience have decided to scoff the lot and not share … sounds familiar.

So, if you are looking for new biscuit ideas or wanting to impress the dinner guest, click here for the recipes.