30 April 2019


Earlier in April our ladies were tarting it up, with Liz Herbert’s’ Best-kept Secrets of the Women’s Institute – Tarts! I could just leave it there and let your imagination run wild, maybe these ladies are not so gentile as they make themselves out to be - I’ve said it before.. what happens in baking club, stays in baking club. 

Alas nothing that scandalous, the baking club were hard at work making prawn, tomato, and mozzarella tartlets. The sumptuous smells of the tartlet fillings filled up the kitchen and the ladies could not contain themselves and they decided as per the recipe, that life was too short to skin a tomato! Well I would have to agree, you’ll never get that time again, plus most of the nutrition is in the skin!

Now that the savoury feast has been loving executed, pudding time! The baking club had settled on lemon and lime ginger crunch pie, fearlessly they cracked on with making the filling, then they stumbled upon a school girl error, they did not read through the recipe before choosing for the evenings bake … the filling had to be left over night in the fridge! Oops! 

It was time for them to put their thinking caps on, the filling was put into individual cases in the fridge to be assembled individually! A bit like if Ikea were to sell tarts, expect with a higher expectation of being able construct the thing within one’s lifetime without having a nervous breakdown. They were very proud of their dynamic problem solving and even more chuffed when all the filo cases came out of the tins intact!  

Well we will have to make them ourselves if we want to know what they tasted like!