18 March 2018


This month we were regaled with “Tales from a Scotland Yard detective”, Steve, the ex-copper entertained us with some light-hearted anecdotes of his time working within the Metropolitan Police and the many specialist forces that he served in. His career starting in the late 70’s as a bobby on the beat and progressing through to detective within units such as the ‘Flying Squad’ and the Kidnap unit.
The talk was light-hearted and frank, it also gave us an insight into the reality of how policing works. We learnt that it is not always glamourous, and that each day was not like an episode of the ‘Sweeny’ …, though the way he told it … effective policing requires a great deal of patience, diligence, creativity, teamwork, camaraderie and sometimes just plain luck. He also showed us the human side of policing, where bravery at times leaps ahead of the actual thought process and how having to think quickly on your feet sometimes armed with only with words and a handy truncheon can sometimes win the day. The talk was thoroughly entertaining and was enjoyed by all.

Angela’s wonderful raffle took care of our mind body and spirit and we look forward to next month’s offering.