26 September 2018


Our ladies are back from the summer break and got straight into an evening of bakes. September brings us the delights of mushroom and ham muffins and a cottage cheese, celery, and walnut loaf. Let us start with the muffins, the smell of the finished bake aroused their senses and the look of the well-formed muffin met with their approval. Now the taste comes with the caveat that it is a weight watched recipe, therefore this is the low calorie and healthy option … such a flavour was somewhat underwhelming for our ladies with rich tastes and felt that the muffin experience would be much improved with the addition of cheese. Not quite in the spirit of weight watchers I may add.

Next came the lengthy named cottage cheese, celery, and walnut loaf. As they presented their bake from the oven that were filled the satisfaction of a well baked and should I say handsome loaf. As per the muffins another Weight Watchers addition to the evening, the ladies felt that the recipe would be vastly improved with a large “dollop” of butter.

So, in short, Horley Evening WI baking group’s top tip to any Weight Watchers recipe is a good serving of cheese and butter! Please note such opinions are not held by all members of Horley Evening WI or The National Federation of the Women’s Institute. If you are watching your weight then these are a great treat, if you would like the naughty version please follow the baking groups top tip and reach for the cheese and butter.

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